Penn Affinity 2 7000 LC


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  • Long Stroke Forged Aluminium Spool
  • Titanium main shaft and Bail Wire
  • Fully Salt Water resistant
  • Smooth ‘quick’ turn drag system
  • Machined Aluminium Handle
  • Stainless Steel Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Slow Oscillation
  • Supplied with 2 Aluminium Spools (Standard &Braid)
  • Rotor Brake System
  • Manual Bail Arm
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1 in stock


Penn Affinity LC 7000 Reel

Whether you’re a sea fishing angler who likes to surf cast at exceptionally long ranges or you’re a carp angler who requires the distance of a true big pit reel, the Penn Affinity LC 7000 is the reel for you.

Fitted with a long tapered spool, which has been forged from aluminium, the Penn Affinity LC 7000 is a reel which can comfortably cast further than you’ll ever need it to. This is a reel which has been built for distance and it works hard on a cast to ensure that you don’t have to. A long casting reel opens up fishing opportunities that you had never even considered before and with the Penn Affinity LC 7000 you’ll be hitting spots on your favourite swim or off your favourite stretch of coast that you never thought possible.

The Penn Affinity LC 7000 has a slow oscillation in order to achieve the perfect line lay every time. This also helps the reel achieve its maximum casting distance, whether you’re casting with a monofilament or a braided line. The stainless steel ball bearings that operate within the body of the reel have been strategically placed so as to ensure the reel is as smooth moving as possible. This greatly aids the ‘quick turn’ drag system, which allows you to switch into hard fight mode almost instantaneously. This means that you are able to respond to all takes, from the most delicate to the most aggressive, with speed. In real terms this results in more fish landed per session, as compared to fishing with a reel with a slower operating drag system.

The Penn Affinity LC 7000 has been fitted with a titanium main shaft and bail wire, so this reel is both incredibly light and extremely durable. It is supplied with two spools, one deep for monofilament setups and one shallow for braids. As this reel can be used as a surf casting machine Penn has ensured that it is fully saltwater resistant.