Leeda Rouge 42″ Landing Net and Handle


16 in stock

  • 6ft, one-piece handle
  • Quick dry mesh
  • Moulded spreader block
  • Brass thread

16 in stock


The Leeda Rogue Landing Net and Handle is a classic specimen sized net for the carp or pike fishing enthusiast looking for something strong and reliable with enough reach to cover all areas of fishing.

This heavy duty 6ft pole comes with entirely fish friendly mesh helping to keep your better catches calm and relaxed for those once in a lifetime photo opportunities. With an excellent level of depth down into the net regardless of your target species you can be sure that once the net is around them the hard part is done.

Sporting brass threads for an extreme level of strength and a quick drying mesh this net is perfect for those long sessions all year round.

The Leeda Rouge Landing Net and Handle comes in one size only and is available in a black colour.