Korum zelos 6000 Mini Pit


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  • 5 carbon steel ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
  • One way clutch with instant anti-reverse bearing
  • High strength graphite body and rotor
  • Anti-twist titanium line roller
  • Oversized aluminium bail with computer analysed balanced rotor
  • Machined and anodised aluminium spool
  • Line-friendly aluminium line clip
  • New folding CNC handle with soft touch rubber grip
  • S-Stroke system for perfect line lay
  • Gear ratio 4.6:1
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7 in stock


With five carbon steel ball bearings, and one needle bearing, these Zelos mini pit reels give you a smooth run, with a 4:6:1 gear ratio providing effortless power, while an S-Stroke system ensures perfect line lay, ensuring that your bait is always exactly where you need it to be.

A high strength graphite body and rotor can stand up to most angling styles, and will cope well with being put through its paces during a session. A balanced little reel, the Zelos is sized at 6000, giving you the performance of a big pit, without the weight, and with a little more focus on sensitive accuracy and smooth handling – ideal if you know you’ll only get across smaller carp, and speed is more important than power.

If you’re fishing a match on natural water, the Zelos Mini Pit Reel from Korum might be a good option to have in your arsenal, and a fun way to fish a little lighter than usual. With a folding handle making reel pouch transport easy, there’s no reason no to give these nifty little reels a go.