Korum Scales


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  • Ergonomic soft touch design
  • Stainless steel weighing apparatus
  • Backlit digital display
  • 9V battery and neoprene carry case included
  • Weighs and holds fish up to 85lb or 40kg
  • Easy to read digital display screen
  • Ergonomically designed for easy practical use
  • Powered by a 9V battery (included)
  • Reads the air temperature in F and C
  • Zero function for accurate weighing

3 in stock


Part of the tension and excitement of carp angling is discovering whether the scaly beauty you’ve just lifted clear is one to smash your current personal best, as well as give you a great album shot. For that, you need accurate scales that are easy to use, and effortlessly compatible with weighing slings.

These ergonomically designed Korum Scales effortlessly meet every criteria you’re likely to have for bankside weighing scales. With a backlit digital display that allows you to easily and accurate read the weight of your catch even during night fishing sessions and in poor light, a zero function for complete weighing-in accuracy, and the capacity to weigh fish up to 85lbs/40kg, these scales are designed and equipped to handle pretty much any fish you’re likely to catch in UK waters, whilst ensuring a secure, safe hold, and an experience that’s as stress-free as possible for the fish.

With a neoprene carry case and 9V battery included, these scales are bank ready straight out of the box, and are designed to be easy to hold, as well as compact enough to fit securely and neatly into a seatbox or tackle bag.

Korum is a brand that’s passionate about angling, with involvement in the Countryside Alliance’s I Love Fishing campaign, which is designed to encourage and educate the next generation of anglers, With a slogan and strategy of “making fishing tackle easy”, Korum focus on creating easy-to-use, simple and stylish products that pose no barriers to the enthusiastic angler, no matter how little experience they may have.

Weighing in your first-ever fish on these Korum scales is definitely going to be a moment to remember, even when, many sessions later, you’re still using the scales to record bigger and better catches. With a soft touch ergonomic design, these scales are easy to handle as well as easy to use, providing a positive all round experience.