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  • Strong Polycarbonate body and lens
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point
  • High spec corrosion resistance
  • Single revolution easy to read dial
  • Full overload protection
  • Simple to zero

5 in stock


Korda Limited Edition Scales

We think that most anglers will agree the one of the most important aspects of carp fishing is being able to weigh and record your catch. After all, when you ask an angler about their most recent session it is more than likely they will tell you the weight of the fish they caught. Even for those anglers who aren’t concerned with catching the biggest fish that the nation has to offer, knowing the weight of your catch is still incredibly interesting. This is why it is important to invest in a pair of quality scales that can accurately let you know the weight of your catch. Korda is a brand that really understands the need of carp anglers, whether you’re content with catching your fair share of UK monsters or you prefer to travel abroad for some of the best specimen fishing there is, and the brand have produced two scales to allow you to know the weight of your catch with accuracy.

The smaller of the two Korda Scales can weight up to 60lbs of fish. This will more than comfortably accommodate all but the very biggest of the UK’s fish and it is the ideal tool for the average angler. The larger set of the Korda Scales can weight beats up to 120lbs. This is ideal for the angler who likes to head to the continent to catch some of the biggest European carp.

Both sets of Korda Scales are constructed from a strong polycarbonate body and lens and are fitted with a heavy duty stainless steel hook and hang point. The dial operates on a single revolution, which ensures that you are never in any doubt about the weight of the fish you’ve landed. It is also incredibly easy to zero these scales, too, for added weighing confidence. The tip of the pointer is finished in high-visibility green. This makes it easy tor ead the weight of your fish in even low light conditions.