Fox EOS 12ft Spod and marker


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  • Lightweight low resin carbon construction
  •  SLIK Air guides
  •  Anti-frap tip guide
  •  High quality 18mm reel seat
  •  Understated cosmetics
  •  Matt black finish
  •  Full shrink wrap handle

5 in stock


Designed for marker and spodding tactics, these rods will help you deliver bait exactly where you need it. The Fox EOS Pro Spod / Marker Rods are lightweight and have low resin carbon construction.

Built with SLIK Air guides and with an anti-frap tip guide, the rod ensures your line is safe and the rod is also furnished with high quality 18mm reel seat. The understated cosmetics paired with a matt black finish makes this rod discreet at the lake. If that was not enough, the rod is finished off with a full shrink wrap handle.